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Hi and welcome to WifeLovers

My names James Warner and for the last five years I have joined and reviewed over sixty eight adult dating, swingers, BDSM, fetishes, mistresses, porno, web cam and various other websites, and created article reviews for each site.

Today I have decided to create this blog WifeLovers, and post regular reviews on a ton of different adult websites, this way I only need to post all my reviews to one site only which will make it allot easier for me.

With you my readers help, I am hoping to get this website rated as the No 1 adult review site, so if you enjoy reading all the articles and post which I will be publishing here in the coming months, please add this site to one of your online bookmark websites i.e facebook, twitter, delicious, mix, and so on, or you could even write your own review about this site.

I really hope you enjoy and appreciate the content which I will be posting often.

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